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Economics is one of the most dynamic sciences, which resulted in emergence of new trends in this discipline. New developments in the global economic system and problem-solving – reactive nature of the science are the driving force behind this dynamism, as well. Therefore, this year conference will focus on the question of “New Trends in Economics”, narrowed down to Energy and Environment, Migration, Health, Agriculture, Islamic Economics, Shadow Economy, Information Economics, Construction and Tourism. The main purpose of this conference is to discuss these issues from different economic perspectives with the participation of academics, professionals, specialists, practitioners from the field and NGOs as well as bureaucrats dealing with unregistered employment.
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Zevkti. Başta Organizasyon Komitesi olmak üzere herkese ben tesekkur ediyorum. — Serdar Sayan (@Serdar_Sayan) November 17, 2017 SPM Direktörü @Serdar_Sayan #ecoei2'de bir konuşma yapmak üzere Kartepe'de — SPM (@SPM_ETU) …